Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Raise Your Arm if You're Sure

 Jamie's birthday cake was quite the undertaking...as you can see....by the time I got to the lettering, I was tired and soooo over this cake!!!!!
 4 hours of sleep, a house full of family, and a camera that just didn't want to cooperate!   UGH!  Don't know why my pics were so blurry, the sun was shinning in the window weird but nothing worked to fix it....obviously it's just as easy to fix that "I'm 11 and don't want to smile" smirk.
 (looks like it's time to purge the school shelves too!!!)
 Waiting for the singing to be done..Awkward...stop looking at me people!  
Getting ready for it to all be over with one quick breath---until Dad steps in!

WAIT! Are You Sure that's what you want for your wish?....really seriously...is That what you want?
I wish that I had gotten a picture of Jamie's poor red face!  Priceless!   I love that Jim loves to embarrass the kids just as much as I do :)


Courtney Walsh said...

We were just talking about how fun it's going to be to embarrass our kids. lol :) Sick, I tell you!! Happy B'day to your little man! Who isn't really so little anymore, huh??

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

LOVE the cake! Brava! Many happy returns to your good-natured boy!

gottaluvboyz said...

You rocked that cake!!!! I bet he loved it:) I have to laugh about embarassing your kiddos. My dad was always great for that. LOL