Monday, May 23, 2011

What the Hail?!?

Yesterday...what can I say about yesterday....well...the title of this post pretty much sums it up!

We had Jamie's family birthday party right after church, Jim spent the whole day getting ready to leave on a mission trip to Alabama, and we had some terrible storms fly through--physically and spiritually.
Everything yesterday was just focus (dang, it's hard getting used to this camera!) in the head...just a mess!
Thankfully almost everyone had left the party by the time the storm hit. It hit hard and fast, like we were standing on the porch joking with the neighbor one second, the next we were running in side because it was hailing like crazy...Jim was trapped in the garage...the yard was full of these nuggets!
I wish that was the end of the excitement for the day....I wish that we could just have a do over....ironically Pastor Keith posted on facebook that words spoken cannont be retrieved even with the fastest horse....oh how I wish they could!!! (and hello..that he would have posted it about an hour sooner).

Jim left this morning with a team from church to help clean up efforts in Hackleburg AL. It's his first mission trip.....he was pretty nervous, the normal not knowing most of the people on the team, not knowing what to expect about everything....and just plain old attacks from the pits of Hell!

The whole day, the air just churned turmoil...brewing, turning, fueling. Petty, stupid fights. Fears caused ugly heads to rise. Time wasted being hurt instead of being held. And now it's too late. We patched things up, threw a tarp over the exposed areas of our hearts, kissed goodbye and off he went. (really we're ok..just didn't get the time that I wanted to spend loving instead of whatever the heck we went through last night!)

I want a do over in the worst way. I didn't want that to be the way I sent my husband off to go spread the love of Christ. I feel like a jerk.

But, out of broken rubble God can grow up something spectacular.

Maybe that was the lesson God needed us to learn...even in destruction or hurt and despair, He will come through rising out of the ashes with an amazing new creation.

Please pray for Hackleburg and the team as they minister to them. Protection, Protection, Protection! Satan's snares to be thwarted, his firey arrows to be dowsed. God has been and will be working through them in mighty ways!!!   Pray for us here at home too..good golly, a whole week 24-7 with the boys...Lord Almighty, through you we can do all things!

And, I'll probably be posting a lot more often this that Jim can see what the boys are doing and what not. So sorry if you get a little family overload :)


Courtney Walsh said...

Aw, Shelly, isn't that always the way?? :( boo. But thankfully you guys are strong enough to recognize the distraction (and destruction) for what it was. Praying for Jim and the entire team this week!!

Jules said...

Sorry you had a rough send-off/ prep time.

We missed the hail but I see some hydrangea branches are broken so am going to pick those for a vase.

Michelle said...

Sending hugs to you. You know, stress always does that to us too. It's pretty much normal, so don't beat yourself up, ok?

God knows we are human, and Jim knows you love him and are just anxious, and Jim is anxious too, of the unknown...another human trait. Blessings will flow this week in so many ways. God is not going to let this trip happen without massive blessings.

Smile sweetie, and blog all week long. We'll all be with you.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'll pray for your team tonight.
We had hail for the first time out here,t oo. THis weather--it's something else, isn't it?