Monday, May 30, 2011

Safe and Sound..

....and ruined for the ordinary!

Jim got back yesterday morning while we were at church.   Although he really wanted to stay for the special service the church in Hackleburg was having, the thought of getting home at 2 am and being to work by 7:30 won he left the night before with an old friend and they drove through the night.

I have to was the best day Ever!   His homecoming was way better than his send off (thank the Lord!)   The boys had no idea that Dad was coming home early---there was lots of screaming DAD!, lots of long hugs, and a bit of wrestling ;)

I'll post more about the trip when I get a chance.....once we see the After photos!   The team definitely worked their tails off last week and they made such a huge difference!

Thank You for the prayers!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day---remembering the sacrifice of so many so that we can have these freedoms that we so enjoy!   


Michelle said...

So happy for you all. Enjoy today. The sun is shining!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

YAY! Just was praying for him and his crew yesterday in fact!

Jules said...

I hope you've gotten some time in with Jim too. So glad he came home early. :)