Monday, June 13, 2011

Best Lemonade Stand EVER!

Friday and Saturday was the day for the boys---

First we set up at my sister's garage sale for the day on Friday.   We prayed over the stand, asking God to just show up and totally bless our efforts to help Hackleburg!

Kim was our first customer--getting there at *yawn* 7:20 a.m.!  (Kim, we seriously need to get together more often....Love Ya Girlfriend!)  She was a sweetheart and bought cookies for her Hub And her coworkers!
Then the waiting began!
I love this shot---can you tell they are already sick of having the camera in their face?!?
By the day's end, we had raised $80 for Hackleburg!!!!!  

From. A. Lemonade. Stand. At. A. Garage. Sale. People!  WOW!

Saturday was gloomy and cold, but we still headed out for our town festival's parade.  So again, the first thing we did was pray that we could have a good day to be able to send a bit of hope to Hackleburg!

Our neighbor boy (can you call a college student a "boy"?....we've been here for 10 yrs so I guess he'll always be a boy!) came over and said that he'd been waiting ever since we put the sign out in the morning!  He bought a doz cookies!
Before the rush...notice the "full" lemonade?!?  Yeah, talk about craziness!!!!  We had baseball teams getting ready to walk in the parade, families waiting for the parade to start (even people dashing across during the parade!), town police officers, some of Jim's fellow Alabama volunteers....tons of people, people, people!

Oh, the cookies that we sold!  On Friday I went to Crystal's with about 9 doz cookies...almost completely sold out!  I had to get up at 5 am (ugh!) to make another 7 or so doz cookies (yes, I was cutting out sugar cookies at 5 AM!)

I don't remember which cookie site I saw the states with a heart at....I looked at so many to find the perfect recipes!!!!!  Needless to say, next time......double the smiley faces!  When I first really looked at them, I thought-- Great, I just made Walmart cookies! :)  But People LOVED Them!  

I adored The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle's sugar cookie recipe!  Best EVER!!!  I halved the amount of baking powder once on accident...both ways turned out fantastic!  One super awesome trick for rolling out the dough (from At Home With The Farmer's Wife) was to tape to your counter 2--5 Gal paint sticks just shy of the width of your rolling pin.  This made a guide for the dough, just shake in some flour between the sticks, plop down the dough and roll out some perfectly even cookies in a flash :)  I know it's like using the gutter guards when bowling, but I whipped out 5 Doz cookies in 2.5 hours....from making the dough to the last pan baked!!!  I'll take the cheater method please!

It took me forever to find a royal icing that I actually liked...3 disappointing batches (but they still sold, I'm just picky!).   This one was hands down the easiest and best to work with from The Decorated Cookie!!!!!  You have to go down a little ways, but it's the Royal Icing (sort of)....amazing...kept it's shine, didn't get crumbly or gross...perfect!
These peanut butter cookies I'm renaming peanut butter crack---over half of our sales were in these and they ran out first!  The recipe was from Food, Folks, and Fun :)
They were able to take a little parade break in midst of the lemonade chaos!
Full bags and Full Bellies!
We sold, sold, sold....even made the front page of a local news paper!

When all was said and done, the boys sold over $200 in two days!
Sunday morning, as I was laying in bed...half comatose from all the Baking...I felt like this wasn't supposed to be the end!!!  If 2 little boys could raise that much from a small garage sale and half a blocks worth of people waiting for a parade, what could we do in a larger event.......We Shall See!  (Details coming soon as we figure them out!)


Jules said...

WooHoo!! Way to go, little munchins!

Thankfully my men didn't drive around to find your cookies. ;)

Jules said...

"munchkins", I meant munchkins! :smacks head and goes to bed:

gottaluvboyz said...

Awesome! Just awesome!!!

Lori said...

You and those boys of your rock! Love the United States cookies with the Hackleburg dot!

Jennifer Juniper said...

This is amazing! I love the idea of having a lemonade stand for charity. I always feel like my kids are begging for money when they sit out there selling lemonade for themselves :(

Maybe I'll have to try it? said...

Way to go!!! That's fantastic!!

And I can't believe you whipped out that many cookies!! Give yourself a hand, as well!!

Lady of the Cloth said...

What a great experience for the kids. We had some kids try a similar thing here and the city genius's shut them down and fined them (yes, 9 year old girls) for not having a permit and not baking the cookies in an inspected licensed kitchen. Is this world just losing it's mind or what? Good luck to you on your July 4th endeavor I wish I was close enough to help bake. Carline

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How proud you must all feel! Congrats on a successful stand!