Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunny Side Up?

..Or Completely Scrambled?!?

I feel like that old "this is your brain on drugs" commercial...except I'm not On drugs and I don't think my egg made it to the pan (more like dropped on the floor and the cook slid in it!)


Allergies are kicking my behind! Just a reminder that I Am So Over Northern Illinois!!!!!

Poor Riley sounds like Darth Vader, has a constant runny nose and has teeth growing in all the wrong places! Do any of you have experience with this? Jim and I never had braces....his poor little mouth is a mess with Huge front teeth..little baby teeth not falling out while big teeth push in behind...UGH!


Cookies...oh the Cookies in this house!

My freezer is completely filled with boxes and boxes of Cookies!

We decorate all 51 doz sugar cookies Friday...yeah, I'm looking forward to that :/

Pray that they'll dry in time for us to leave the church at a decent hour!!!


Boy that was a lot of moaning!

So, on the flipside----

My flowers are blooming, our tdpole have turned into teeny tiny baby toads and Jamie has learned to mow the yard.

Riley's teeth will be fine (eventually)..and...we have dental insurance so it won't tank us when he sees the dentist.

We were able to reach our goal of 100 doz cookies....people have been pre-ordering them (won't sell out before the 4th...but that'd be fine with me!)

I'm thinking about partying on the 5th...or sleeping...either way, just keep taking one step at a time and we'll make it through :)


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