Thursday, June 16, 2011

Renewed Furniture

You all might remember this beauty from last week's long list of projects:
After lots of resanding (remember the post on how Not to Stain a Table?!?), Jim was able to fix my snafoo and actually teach me a thing or two!
 Countless coats of Polyurithane later...we have an acceptable set.....well..almost...
 ...acceptable enough to sell to some stranger at a yard sale....but when my best friend Amber put dibs on them, I told her I'd sell it to her only after I fixed the little things that annoyed me about them (and put a few more coats of poly on so that it would be toddler proof and super wipe-able when her darling 1 yr old tossed food all over the white legs !)

Some how or another, ya know in the midst of ALL that I was doing last week...I lost the before pic of this end table!!!

I loved matches my soon to be finished hutch/dresser's HUGE..takes up way too much space in the ol' bedroom. too got sold on my sister's garage sale :(

I keep telling myself really was too big....yeah....ok...suck it up, another one will come along Miss Thing!

I've been bitten by the refurnishing bug so expect a lot more pieces in the future!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday to you all :)   

It's beautiful and sunny and my kiddos want to swim, so I'd better get moving!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well done! I'm still so pleased with my painted pieces!