Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lonely on the Outside

...I'm blaming exhaustion, but boy today has been emotional...

Do you ever just have those days when you feel alone?

I've been making my crazy fringe check list today and having a total pitty party!

--crazy people who homeschool..check!

--don't let the boys eat cereal...check!

--what?!? You make everything that you guys eat...check!

--wow, that's a lot of effort to put into painting old furniture...check!

Wallow Wallow Wallow!

Then I remember:

Jim did an awesome job fixing my staining mess!

I got a friend request from someone local, who wants to trade organic info!

My neighbor Loves all of my craptacular crafts!

So, I guess 1 isn't a lonely number...just needed to stop and think ;)

On a totally different subject, Riley is Covered in a rash today---too much junk at the gma's?---allergic to sunscreen?---too much pool time in the past 3 days?

That kid is such a mystery!!!


Lori said...

We all have those days, when we're weirded out by our own selves. Thank goodness they don't last too long and just remember you've got me for whatever that's worth. I'm on your side! :)

Pressed Petals said...

Hope your day is better! Love your rainbow photo story. God is so good.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Maybe a heat rash?
Thank goodness for balance--I'm trying to remember my blessings today, too.