Thursday, September 24, 2009

Easy Chalkboards!

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Last week I got this armoire off of Craig's List for next to nothing! (isn't it first I wanted to paint it, but Jim has a thing about painting wood and it does match our trim really well)
The whole purpose of the armoire in our house was to shut it and forget we have the tv....well, the kiddos still remember! The insides of the cabinet doors are flat. Perfect to paint chalkboards, but I didn't want to fully commit to it...I mean, what if someday Jim gets amnesia and forgets that he doesn't like to paint wood!~Ha! Anyway, I didn't want to spend the $$$ on those niffty chalkboard vinyl sheets (I'm way too cheap and broke for that!)...
So, what's a girl to do? Figure out a cheapskate way around it!!!
I bought a roll of white contact paper at Target for some where around$5. I still have a TON of leftover chalkboard paint from the last 3 projects (at $8 for a quart I'm really getting my use out of it!!! And I haven't even made a dent in the can!)
First I layed out my panels (I didn't really measure, just made it longer then the doors...2 doors, 2 panels). Then I just brushed on the paint with a foam brush. Now paint and plastic contact paper are not friends. The paint will bubble and want to's ok...let it sit for a couple of minutes (while you paint the other sheet) and then with your foam brush, smear it back to normal.
Now, let that dry while you watch Leno. Add a second coat and go to bed!

Measure the inside section of the cabinet door....mark it off on the back of the contact paper...then grab your quilting supplies (from the bottom of your junk closet because you haven't used it in 7 years)....use your awesome rotary cutter and straight edge to make perfect cuts (but if you don't and for some reason your off by like 1/3 of an inch going diagonally...just add a smidge of the scrap to doesn't have to be perfect...uh huh!)

My whole plan for this was to warn the boys not to turn the tv you can see it really works well (notice the Wonder Twins on the bottom of the screen!!!)Now I have one side left to decorate....thinking a chore list, or I don't know....any suggestions?

Have a great weekend...lots more projects on the way! (and don't forget...if you can't afford something, figure out a way to do it!)


Mandy said...

Very, very cute!
I like the contact paper idea - clever!

Leanne said...

Looks great! A reminder like that would probably work on my kids about as good as it did on yours. Thanks for sharing the idea.