Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Major Freak Out

Yesterday was kind of like that.....is it raining, is it snowing, is there a hurricane a blowing......not a speck of light is showing so the danger must be growing......

But then today, headache and puffy face from an epic cry fest, I see the light and I look up to the sky to thank the One who really controls my journey! Jamie went outside while I was showering and hung the laundry. Not perfect by any means, but the sweatest thing he could have ever done! I took a picture of it, but my phone seems to have eaten it :)

Watch Thursday to see what project I've been working on this week....it's gonna be a cool one!


shelly said...

Remind me never to blog and talk to my mom at the same time!!! I meant "sweetest"...migraine and mom definitely not a combo for intelligent writing! (Now I'm at home and can't edit from my phone!)

Kristi said...

I can't wait to see your finished project! Thank you for your prayers for Rachel; you will never know how much that blesses us!