Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Late Weekend Update

Where has this week gone!?!

We had quite an eventful Labor Day seems like we crammed an entire summer into one day! (we really only had one day to celebrate because of Jim's work schedule!)

Saturday we did a birthday party/Labor Day party at my sister's was a blast, cook outs, bon fire, slip 'n slide and what party would be fun without a little wii resort?

We celebrated both my Grandpa's and Duane's birthdays....Crys went all out with Cold Stone ice cream cakes....mmmmm!
They spoiled the boys with a slip 'n, do my kids have it rough!
Well....Riley did have a little bit of a rough time! (see his head in the corner of the picture below, falling out of the pool?!? And then he totally flipped head over heels on this run!)
They played a little baseball....almost took out the grandmas with a foul ball :)
wii was the next on the list! Crys had bought Duane wii sport resort for his birthday, but the poor thing ended up grilling more then playing! (that's ok, the boys figured it out for him!)
I love this picture of my dad and Riley sitting by the fish pond. He had told Riley that if he whistled the fish would come up to the top! (the kid was always over there whistling, but the fishies didn't cooperate.)
And last but not least, First Day of School! Don't they look over joyed to be having their pictures taken? Not sure what was up with Riley and the winking, but he wouldn't stop so that's what we got!

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