Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day of Remembrance

Last night was the start of Rash Hashana, the Day of Remembrance..the Feast of Trumpets....the Jewish New Year. It's fitting really to have the new year start as we are beginning to harvest what was sown the season before. The soybean fields are changing from a sea of vibrant velvet green to deep pools of gold.....waiting to give up their crops during the harvest. The same goes for the Day of Remembrance....we reflect on the past year...where we have fallen short, the sins we have committed. But with every reaping there is hope of a new crop, a new year full of growth, bearing much fruit!
As is custom, after sundown on the first day of the seventh month of the Jewish calender, we enjoyed a meal starting with a prayer of remembrance and then moving on to the sweetness of forgiveness! Apples dipped with honey is The WAY to start a meal!!! MMMmmm! How sweet redemption is! As in my previous post, pomegranates represent a fruitful year and also the number of commands in the Book of Law. Challah bread is also enjoyed, dipped in honey.

Earlier we saw a youtube video on the blowing of the shofar...a Jewish horn. It is said that hearing the horn would cause people to crumble into dust from the shame of their last year.....believe me, when I think of how far I fall short in my life it breaks me to the core, but I also have renewal in an awesome Savior! What a way to celebrate new beginnings, especially considering how we are on the verge of so many in our own lives!!!

Jamie wanted to imitate the shofar.....he did pretty good remembering the 4 different calls.
We also had brisket and vegetables.
....and who could end such a sweet meal without another sweet! This is the PW's Apple Cake in an iron skillet.....yummmmmm!

As you can see, the boys enjoyed it!
As we end this Rash Hashana, may you have a good year, and may you be inscribed for blessings in the book of life! L'shana tova tikatevu!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful celebration & lessons for your sons! Loved reading about what you did and seeing the pix.