Sunday, May 25, 2008

Can we say...S.P.O.I.L.E.D.?

J had his birthday party at Grandma Coat's house yesterday. I have to was great not hosting it at our humble cleaning like a mad woman or running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Well, maybe a little crazyness running around, but once at my in laws it was really nice! J wanted a Navy party. He got lots of airplane stuff (he wants to be a Navy pilot) clothes, and an air craft carrier from Aunt Crys and Uncle Duane. My mom went to the recruiting office and they loaded her up like it was Christmas....all in all I think he had a great time!

I made home made hamburger buns and an ice cream cake (soft yogurt rolls and ice cream cake from The buns were awesome....made 3 batches and have plenty left for the leftover hamburgers...mmmm! The cake was pretty good, not thrilled with the frosting, but pretty good. It was really simple, one of those ahahh moments. Basically, you cover the pan of your choice with plastic wrap, put the ice cream in...freeze for a day or two, wrap it up, take it out of the pan. Bake the cake(s) in same pan and viola you have a 3 layer ice cream cake....who knew?!?! My only hindrance was the frosting. Some frostings aren't freezer friendly (Kathy if you have any suggestions I would love it!) so I went with the one in the recipe. It was the Real Vanilla Butter cream: boiling sugar, whipping egg whites and adding like a million pounds of butter. Trying to keep an eye on the candy thermometer and check if the egg whites were forming stiff peaks at the same time was a little spastic, but I finally got it. The result was a very dense, not too sweet (which I liked), very greasy frosting. I really liked the cake part, but I could have skipped the frosting (sweet frozen butter anyone? yum!). I'll post a picture of it tomorrow hopefully!

Today is keeping the craziness going! I am taking a break from the folding of laundry, washing of dishes and other mad dash items to cram before Miss Nicole gets here to babysit. Jim is doing 12 hours of clinical time today, at 2 there is a friend's bridal shower (no gift yet, not exactly sure how to get there..sounds great huh?), and then at 5 is Carrie's husband, Alex's birthday party.

To top things off it is now thundering. It's going to be a B.E.Autiful day!!!

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