Thursday, May 8, 2008

Domestic Otter

I'll be the first to admit it...I am not a homebody! While pregnant with Jamie, I was put on bed rest...I not so lovingly called it house arrest. Talk about climbing the walls! I was working full time doing cat scans so I was used to a lot of adrenaline and being on the go pretty much all of the time. Then, BAM, I was at home getting my fix watching ER shows on the discovery channel!

At church we did personality tests. You were either a Lion (leader), Beaver (smart mathematical type), Golden Retriever (helpful, people person) or an Otter (the social butterfly of the bunch). I tested out as pretty much all otter with a little golden retriever thrown in for fun! (Jim was a Beaver/Lion aka bossy perfectionist! just kidding honey!!!!)

So here I am, a home schooling stay at home mom. It would be pretty accurate to say that the transition was less then spectacular! Life seems so out of whack. The kids are really stressing me out. Honestly, the last couple of months have been terrible. I feel like I am constantly yelling, or grounding someone. My voice hurts, my head hurts and my bubbly fun loving personality is in the toilet!

A couple of days ago I was able to get some quiet time (quiet seems to be a virtue that we seriously lack in our home!). I was praying for God to guide me to something, anything to gain control. I turned to Philippians 4: 4-7

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God , which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Gentleness is not something I've tried...loud and mad yes, gentle and That got me really thinking: Am I contributing to the lack of control? If the boys and I are constantly in a tug of war, are we accomplishing anything other then establishing who can out last the other? I haven't been joyful. In fact, I have been the exact opposite of this passage! In the heat of the moment I don't stop and pray. I am anxious about everything, am I the best mom that I can be or will we ever get through this!

So here I am declaring that I am going to be gentle and rejoice in all things! I am going to take everything to God in prayer! I am going to give up control and let the peace of God guard my heart and mind!

Philippians 4:9 takes it one step further!
Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable---if anything is excellent or praiseworthy---think about such things!

I have been pretty negative lately with the boys, always pointing out their faults. I am going to try the opposite and focus on what they do good. (not that I will just let them do whatever they want) If I focus on praising the good, maybe it will decrease the bad!

I hope that you all have a wonderful mother's day! May you take on gentleness and receive the peace that transcends all understanding!!!!!


Nancy said...

Wow that's great stuff!
No wonder you and Raymond get along... he's the beaver/otter. I on the other hand am almost totally LION( read "I want it DONE NOW... and it better be right!) with a little bit of beaver. RROOOWWWRR! Scary. Ron has the same type.
I have a hard time with the temper too. This weekend B took Harley for the night.. It was nice to hear my boys FIGHTING for almost 24hrs.

Nancy said...

oh dang-I meant NOT fighting!