Friday, May 2, 2008

Still Raining, but I can see clearer now

Well it is still rainy in IL today, but things have gotten better since yesterday on the homefront. It's crazy how things just build and build until everyone just explodes. Life is really like a thunder head....rain and destruction during the storm, but after the colors of the sky and grass are so brilliant!

Jim (the hub) is going through paramedic class right now, on top of working 2 full time jobs. He is incredibly busy and I admire his determination and strength to get through all of this. It is just really hard having him gone all the time and then home schooling the boys on top of that. I never would have guessed being a stay at home mom would be so hard!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love my kids more then life itself, but somedays I really need a break! My friend Michelle says it best " Lord I know you love these kids, but are you sure their mine?"

Here's a picture of it pouring outside this morning...we got some pea sized hail along with it, oh joy of all joys!

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