Sunday, May 11, 2008


Yesterday was Kathy's birthday party (She's 30...3...0..years old!!! And she can kick, strut and KICK! sorry SNL flashback!) I had a great time! We were at the Terrace in Madison which is extremely cool, especially yesterday..burrrrrrr! Kathy is in the pink shirt, posing it up with Kim.

It was really pretty interesting, seeing a couple of people that I really hadn't talked to since high school. Sure I've seen Kim off and on again, here and there. Amber was the real treat! (there is a photo of her on my flicker page...I can't seem to ever get a good picture of her!)

So anyway, back to history. After we graduated I lost track of pretty much everyone that we hung out with. I started xray school the week after graduation. So while all my friends were having fun with their last summer, I was studying things like A&P and radiation physics. I really felt like I was going one way and everyone else was going another. One thing lead to another and I just stopped talking with them.

Kathy and I started hanging out again after Jamie was born...She cracks me up! (if it's possible I think that Corey inherited her wonderful capability to burp like no one else I know!) Fast forward 12 years and I am running into Amber at Kathy's birthday party. It was nice to catch up and hang out. I really hope that we can get together sometime soon!

All this traveling down memory lane makes me realize that the glory days really weren't all that glorious. Lately I've been wondering how did I get to this place in I'm wondering how did I make it from there! I'm definitely not that same person from 12 years fact I think I'd like to forget about her all together! Sure life is crazy and things sometimes seem to be going down the drain, but I have 3 great boys, a loving husband and I feel so close my Heavenly Father! It's amazing that all of those stupid things I did, or even those that I am doing now, he forgives and casts them as far away from me as the east is from the west! In His eyes I am the perfect mom, perfect wife and perfect daughter in Christ! 1 Corinthians 13:11 says:

When I was a child, I used to speak as a child, think as a child, reason as a child; when I became a man I did away with childish things.

I'd like to think that I've done away with my childish things...but if given a chance it's so easy to jump back into being a child! It was cool to talk with Amber as adults....we've all ready gone through that terrible stretching our wings we've settled into who we are in this world. It's just nice to see where we've been and now who we are! Soooo if you read this Amber, give me a call..maybe we could meet up for coffee or something!

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Amber said...

I had SO much fun seeing you again! We definitely have to get together sometime soon...we'll coordinate schedules and such (I think yours may be a bit more hectic than mine with those 3 boys running all over the place, hehe). Enjoying your blog, BTW. Tell Jim I said "hi". Can't wait for our coffee date!