Thursday, May 22, 2008

Words of wisdom a la Grey's Anatomy

Ok, so it's out...I am a Grey's fan. The basis of the story is kind of annoying, but every week they seem to make me cry! Tonight was their season finale....pretty good, but one thing seemed to stick out for me. At the end the chief resident said that we can't do everything and still have everything.

Did you get it?

We can't do everything and still have everything!!!!!

For as long as I can remember I have been the do-er. Last year everything seemed to just fall apart. I likened it to juggling while running down a mountain with a giant snowball chasing after you. One mistake and you either drop all your balls or you are crushed by the mammoth, ever accumulating pile of crap. Last January both things happened. Guess what...I survived! I am no longer the juggler of all things. I can enjoy my life!

I may not be doing everything (sometimes it feels like I am doing nothing), but I now realize that I have everything that matters!

For those of you who know me I can't be sugary and flowery for very, grab a dose of insulin...back to reality!

While writing all this touchy feely stuff, I am watching Monty Python! Can't help's a classic!...and really if you listen there are some real jewels of wisdom (yes I know, I'm the optimist of our family!) The more I watch it, the more that I realize that our life is kind of like the search for the Holy Grail....without the searching for the Holy Grail part that is!

Most of the time I am a lot like the old man in the village...I'm not dead yet...really, I'm getting better! I'd be willing to bet that Jim would love it if I took on the same attitude as the girls in castle anthrax..ha ha..nice try hun! Jim's the King Aurthur of our bunch....keeping up the search, never quitting no matter how difficult the task. Jamie would be our Brave Sir Robin....wanting to be so brave, but always ever so cautious. When it comes to Corey, he'd be one of the French Soldiers...farting in everyone's general direction....taunting his brothers...and when all else fails the thrower of large farm animals! The black knight would fit my tough little Riley....tis just a flesh wound....come on ya pansy!

The only difference would be that we really don't eat Spam a lot (I know, ha....ha....ha)

Enough of the silliness, remember don't try to do everything....look at the big picture, breath...enjoy the show!

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