Monday, May 5, 2008

dumpity dumpity

Last night we took the boys to playland at McDonalds...only way to get a date...oh the romance in our house! We were the only ones so the boys could go crazy.

Corey loves that yogurt commercial, the one with the lady doing yoga on a ball...he's always trying to strike that pose! This was the first time he actually somewhat got it...he was so proud of himself! He is really into telling stories now. When we were eating he got as close to me as he possibly could and said "Once upon a time, far far away...Dumpity Dumpity sat on a wall. Dumpity Dumpity fell off the wall...All the kings came and said 'Poor Dumpity'..And he stayed broke." He was so serious that I had a really hard time not laughing at Dumpity!

They kept trying to be a train going down the slide....somehow Riley always got to be the first one down..sneaky little brother :)
Jamie has graduated from the happy meals...I am kind of sad! He doesn't want the toy anymore and he likes to drink a big drink. I can't believe that he'll be 8 in 15 days (we get the count down at least once a day). Where did the time go?!?

Jamie and Riley were glued to Jim all day...first time all week that he's been home for more then a few hours. J didn't even want to go to kidzlink which never happens. Instead, he sat with us through the entire adult service (he had to go to the bathroom 3 times...probably from the pop I gave him to help his "tummy-ache") I really think the boys are starting to really miss having Jim around...his school breaks for the summer in June so hopefully that will help!

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Nancy said...

Lookin Good! I moved over here too from myhomeschoolplace:)
Seems like you are doing pretty well here!