Thursday, May 15, 2008

My heart is in his hands...and yours could be too one day!

Jim has a huge test tonight. It's over a multitude of things including ecg readings. He's nervous. There are so many little things that you need to remember depending on which lead the rhythm was seen on, patients history. Every blip and bump means something. It's just a lot to remember, but I have total faith that he'll do great. Jim always gets nervous with tests....he just called and he passed with an 86%!

We have been together since we were fifteen...that's half of my life spent loving, fighting, laughing and crying with this man! I love him more then words can say. He is so dedicated to us and making a better life for our family. These last few weeks he's been working 6 days a week, most of the time he doesn't get home before 10 pm if he comes home at all. I guess that's the life of an emt, but I know it's hard on him.

I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!!! I respect and appreciate the sacrifices he makes for us. Sometimes I forget how hard it is for him not being home very often (most of the time I'm so focused on getting away from here that I forget he must miss us). He pushes his body and his mind to the limit. Thank you Jim for taking care of us. I can't wait until we are on the other side of this chapter of our lives!

I love you Jim. Have a good 48 hours. I'll be waiting for you on Sunday with open arms!

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