Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fibery Goodness!

Here is my first attempt at hand painting! Spinning it made it more pastelish then I was hoping for, but it is still pretty cute!

Some people braid their roving. It looks cool, but I think you can see more of the coloring with it just rolled.

And...tadaaa...this is the roving all spun up. I got about 95 yards out of it. I am thinking of plying it with a metalic thread and maybe add some beads to it....we'll see.


Carrie said...

Ahh, my crafty friend... I have no such talents unless cleaning and taking care of the family counts as a hobbie. I used to have hobbies, didn't I?

shelly said...

I wouldn't have considered myself an extremely talented person either (definately not cleaning...yuck!!!) It takes a while after becoming a mom to finally get some of yourself back...not quite there yet either, but it is better now that they don't need me every single second of the day.