Thursday, August 6, 2009

Date Night

The other night I took Jamie out on a had been at least 5 years since our last "alone" outing. He had a blast! (note to self, don't wait 5 more years...need to do that with all the boys too!)
We were on a mission....find the perfect colors for his room and a fabric to cover the seat of his desk chair.
First stop...Beef A Roo....yes, it's a staple! Jamie surprised me when he didn't order a shake, but hey that's his choice :) He had a beef 'n cheddar plus cheese fries...I had a Cilantro Lime Turkey Club with a broccoli and cheese baked potato...mmmmm!
Then we were off to find that elusive Navy fabric! I had almost given up, when just around the corner was the absolute PERFECT pattern! NAVY....battle ships, air craft carriers, Blue Angles....he just kept looking at it in amazement! Perfect, now we have someplace to start with picking out colors.
Finally we headed to Home Depot and with a ton of searching found the exact colors we were looking for. We are painting his walls Skysail Blue from Behr. His wanted his currently white desk to look like the Blue Angels...this was the Hardest color to match!!!! Finally, again on a last ditch effort, we found Sorcerer's Hat from Disney Colors By Behr....perfect Blue Angel blue!!!! Jamie spotted the gold right away, Instant Delight also from Behr.

We still have a bit to go before we start painting the walls. I want to figure out how to redo the ceiling (the previous owners tried patching the plaster...not good..we have a ton of lines running across multiple ceilings). Once I've got that figured out it's on to painting, replacing the carpet and viola....a Navy room! (and one ecstatic boy!)


The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog via the "next blog" feature and I had to stop when I saw that you're re-doing your son's room. I'm in the middle of the same process! Can't wait to be finished with it... Good luck with your project!

shelly said...

Thanks for stopping by :) I hope that your room redo goes smoothly and turns out a million times better then you could ever dream of!