Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Walmarts Prayer

Dear Lord,

Please bless all the people at the Walmart who annoyed the heck out of me today! Radically infiltrate their lives this week with your all consuming love...especially the gansta wanna be who dropped the F bomb every 2 seconds while we were in line and referred to the woman with 501 items in the Speedy Checkout as a "crack wh***" (real nice), that same woman who had the million items then didn't have the $$ to pay for said items...bless her indeed! Also, don't forget the man in the beater truck who tried to run us down in the crosswalk! Father, show them love in a way that only you can!!! Rock their Worlds!

(And just for good measure, please add in the band at the bar down the street with their 10 min sound check...yes, if I can clearly hear you 2 blocks away in my upstairs bathroom with the windows closed. Your mike works! check,check, CHECK!)

Have a good week, remember to show grace to those around you...even the seemingly unloveables! I'm off to watch Goonies with my little goonies!

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