Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Secrets of Motivation!

As I've said before, the ceilings in our house are terrible...UGLY....the previous owners tried (I'm using that term very loosely) to patch or repair or..oh Heck...they had no freakin clue what they were doing!!!!!

I was searching the internet for an easy fix to their blunder....when I came across a tutorial using drywall screws and washers along with a repair screen. This was fixed over the botched area and then mudded over....worked like a charm....or so it looked on their website!

After much consideration, I decided that there shouldn't be a reason why we couldn't "screen" our entire ceiling and then just mud over it :) I called my trusty hubby, who was on a job scene, and told him my brilliant idea....lets just say that I'm sure the rest of the guys got a good laugh! I stuck to my guns, asked how much it would cost to use something like screen door material (I literally could hear his eyes roll over the phone!), not gonna happen....Well....what about tulle, that's kind of screeny and I can use a 40% of coupon for Joann's!!!!

Lets just say that Jim came home, ate supper and went straight upstairs to fix the ceiling! I guess he didn't want me to do something crazy with my new found remodeling confidence!

He still needs to sand it and will probably have to do a mudding technique, but HE DID IT! So...if any of you out there have work that needs to be's my your inner Lucy and come up with a hair brained idea...just sit back and watch how fast it'll get done!

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