Sunday, August 9, 2009

River Rug Rats

We spent a few hours today on the river with some was supposed to be a heat index of 105 today...thankfully, it was cloudy with a good breeze until the storm hit (remind me to be firmer when I see a T-storm warning on my blackberry....the line at the dock was ridiculous!). Jamie spent the weekend with my parents so it was just our two little river rug rats! They love tubing and Riley actually skied with Jim he'll be up by himself before the end of the year!

Riley's impression of a bull rider:
Someone was getting a wee bit too confident in the tube..he kept trying to "surf"
The Red tube from hell....Jeremy's new toy! His poor brother got some major air and it just spun like a he didn't puke all over that thing is amazing!
Wanna Race?
Jim got Riley up on skis just before it started raining! He's so proud of himself! (now he definitely thinks he's hot stuff!)
I wish this was a better picture, but it'll have to do to commemorate this milestone! (too hard to snap pictures and drive the boat....practically threw the phone at Beth to have her shoot it, but it's kind of hard to do that and hold a squirmy baby too! At least we've got something!).

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