Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Desk Finale

Here's what we started with...a very basic particle and laminate white desk (it was free and it works!).

Jamie wants a Navy room, so I obliged his request....hence the bright blue and yellow "Blue Angels" desk! First I washed and primed the desk and drawers. Then I started painting. As I said in the post with the chair, I really wasn't happy with the way the blue covered...but Jim was able to work his magic and it's beautiful!

I was really stumped on what I could do to make it look like "Navy" and not Michigan State fans! Then one night I was looking at the drawers, the Navy slogan is "Honor, Courage, Commitment".....three words, three drawers....WE have a Winner!!!

To paint the words on to the drawers, I first printed them out in the size that I wanted. Then I rubbed the blank side of the paper with chalk, taped it to the drawer....and traced the outline with a pencil. I'm not sure how well you can see it, but there is a chalk outline of the word on the drawer.

So, I just painted inside the lines and here we are!
For the top of the desk I wanted to somehow bring in the Blue Angel's theme, without taking over the entire desk (I want Jamie to be able to focus on his studies, not the drawings on the desk!).
I repeated the same chalk process with this crest I downloaded. Then I just simply filled in the lines....I thought the little air planes would be the hardest, but really getting the larger yellow section even is still bothering me! (but he is 9 and has a tendency to..ummm...take great care of his things...hahaha, so I'm not going to kill myself over it!)

And the finished desk (without the logo on top)!


randee said...

it looks great. you did a fantastic job on the letters.

blessings -

Infarrantly Creative said...

Oh my that was quite a project. Congrats on your accomplishment. Where in IL do you live? I grew up in Elgin.

Crystal said...

So cool!

I have a poll up on my blog about my BIGGEST decor dilemma. Come on over and vote, I need all the help I can get!

jskell911 said...

I love it and I am sure he is thrilled