Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christams Eve

I just realized that I never really showed our Christmas decor....forgot to snap a pic of the Armoire, but oh well! (this year I'm just going with the flow..if it happens it happens, if not no biggy!)

Here is our wonderful door way between the living room and dining room....inspired by Jennifer Juniper and of course Elf!
The tree (which has only been up for a week!). We decorate in a fireman theme. I found these wooden toys at Target a couple of years ago and then just screwed in some eye hooks. Kind of quirky, but seriously...we are celebrating the birth of the ultimate Rescuer!
(yes...the hubbster put stickers on for all the vehicles that he gets to play with in real life!)
And this is a cool new piece that I found up North....really like how it's not super apparent on the dark fake brick (which is next on the hit list).

The boys woke up extra early this morning because you know it IS Christmas Eve....why not get dressed and ready to go to Grandma's at 7 am...especially when we don't have to be there until 6PM!!!
Thank goodness that I had the foresight to buy something crafty to occupy the time! I first saw these cuties on Alpha Mom.
Start out with a 2 1/2 inch styrofoam ball. (these ended up pretty big so if I were to do it again, I would probably use a smaller ball...or not...they're pretty neat!). Cut toothpicks in half with super old scissors. Push the flat end of the tooth pick just barely into the gumdrops and then push them into the ball.
I couldn't find my stick pins so I just skewered the ribbon through a toothpick and then onto a gum drop...probably not really secure, but it'll do!
Corey was done after two gumdrops (they do kind of hurt your fingers)..but the other two prevailed!
Like I said before, these are HUGE! (and heavy...not a tree ornament for sure!) I'm thinking of putting some without a ribbon in a hurricane glass. I'm all about the balls right up is trying to imitate a wire ball that I saw at CB2.
Have a Happy and SAFE Christmas's ice storming here so be careful out there!

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