Friday, December 4, 2009

Kidzlink Rocks

Jamie is singing next weekend at Church with a group of other elementary kids. He's been itching all week to give Leen (their kidzlink director) a thank you present.....I really should have taken a picture of her wearing the necklace cause she's just the cutest bubbly person EVER! They do such a great job with the kids. I am continually amazed at how awesome they are about getting the boys super excited about God!!!

Anyway, I'm making some gifts kind of, sort of, not really exactly like these (sorry my mom sneaks over here once in awhile...but you know the type of necklace I'm talking about). I got the letter stamps at Harbor Freight for like $5. These washers were from Farm and Fleet (affectionately called farm 'n barn at our house)...for 6 of them it broke the bank, costing me a whole whopping 14 cents! Leen's washer worked perfectly and came from Jim's stash....of course there was only one and farm 'n barn didn't have any like to search some place else. Anyway, here's the instructions:

~grab a washer (or go to etsy, under the supplies and search metal stamping discs...and go crazy!)

~get a bench block....or ask your super awesome friend if her farm implement hubby would have anything like that in his stash...not exactly, but for the price that red hitch thingamajig will sure work!!!

~buy a stamp set online for a couple hundred bucks or head over to Harbor Freight.

~sharpies and baby wipes work wonders or if you're all technical, you can buy the proper chemical that will darken the letters and then polish them up.

~make sure to get a few items to practice on. These washers were hard to stamp because they're so thick...took like 30 whacks to get a good imprint...but the proper little silver discs only take one or two.

~once you have your phrase or name or whatever imprinted, really rub in the sharpie into the letters. Wipe clean with a baby wipe or super fine steel wool or a metal polishing clothe....whatever blows your skirt up ;)

~tie on a good length of girlie ribbon or put on a ball chain or whatever else you can think of

There you have it....Kidzlink Rocks!!!!! Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and staff....we love you more then words can say!

Keep coming back , I've got a boat load of crafts going on this week!

*****so sorry if you came and the pictures had disapeared :( I think I've got it fixed now!*****


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is so cool. I'd love a necklace like that--I bet she will adore it.

happy mama said...

Very cool. Thanks for the idea!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Holy cow! I need a harbor freight! I"m going to see if they're online because this is awesome!

Joy Beadworks said...

Wow...Thanks for the tutorial. We've got a Tractor Supply I bet they've got washers!

Micah Holden said...

These are really neat! Would you share what size the stamps are? Great blog!!

shelly said... was a 1/8" set (the smallest that they sell).