Sunday, December 13, 2009

Easy Peasy Christmas Trees

I thought that I saw this on Just a Girl...but when I went to link it, I couldn't find if this is someone else's wonderful sorry (I know that it's been around since the dark ages, but I like to give credit where credit is do!) Please don't think we have glitzy dust in our house...I need to spray it with something better to keep all that pesky stuff on!

Start with an old magazine (this one was a Women's Day from the 1900's..funny huh!), but the best one was an old IKEA catalog that got shoved in our junky bookcase....perfect pages, great size!

Anywhoo....fold the right hand corner down into the spine of the magazine, every page....break the spine as you go, folding it open really good (this will help it "round" out in the end.Next, take the "new" right corner and fold the page again into the spine of the magazine. Leaves you with a diamondy-upside down-ice cream cone shape. Fold that end triangle up into the page so that you'll have a nice flat surface for the tree to stand.

This is what it'll look like when you're done. Still needed something so I brushed a little modge podge onto the edges (which helped keep the ends closed) and sprinkled glitter on them....what's with glitter? Everything looks better with glitter!
There you have it, I got 2 of these finished during a couple of Christmas and easy...and if I don't like them, I can just toss them without feeling guilty.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How clever! How pretty! I imagine how neat a line of them would look on a buffet...

shelly said...

I actually just finished a couple of reader's digest ones to tuck in there (or in the school book shelf...not sure where!)