Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gingerbread Frenzy

The boys asked if they could make a gingerbread house this year...the thought had never crossed my mind (we never made them as kids that I can remember). I saw this kit on sale at Michael's. It was pretty easy except for the silly mom who didn't read the instructions and told the boys we could make it...and then wait..and wait...and wait in between each step of building the house!
Each boy got a side to decorate (all of them wanted a different style house on the box so this worked with the least amount of fighting).
Corey had me do the icing while he placed the candy.
Jamie is sooooo serious! I could have told him anything and he would have paid no attention to me...just like normal..haha!
Riley was more interested in eating the candy....big surprise! But, he too had to have everything just perfect.
We all helped with the last side and the roof (and then ran out of the little round could that have happened?!?).
For a kit that was made who knows when, this was actually pretty good. We've demolished one side of the roof already :) Would I ever make a real gingerbread house...probably not, but this was a fun little afternoon project (I'll have to go back after Christmas to see if they have any left with a big discount!)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What fun! It turned out really cute. I heard of one lady around here who makes a new design every year of a gingerbread house (from scratch!) and then her grandkids take a hammer and divvy it up at their Christmas. Kind of a cool tradition I thought.

shelly said...

I can only imagine how good a homemade one would taste!!! This one lasted a the first morning one section of roof was gone..then all the gummy candies...I left to go to lunch with a friend and came back to find an empty plate!