Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rockin' the Houz Kidzlink Style

Last weekend was Jamie's big weekend to sing in the adult services at our church (4 services = 1 long weekend for the momma). His little group of boppers practiced for a month every week. They put on a great performance..lots of dancing, singing, and even some flipping!

Here they are during a practice run on Sat:
During the service the little ones came up on the stage too....I think the big kids were mainly there so that the song could be heard and the motions done..but man, those little kids are stinkin' cute!!!!

This was a really jazzy song..." there was no room in the inn, but you can make room in your heart..bop shoo bop bop."

Riley is on the very edge in the dress shirt and faux hawk (yep, he likes his faux hawk..we pick our battles in our house!) They all got the "heart" part!...kinda...yep, and then the little guy in front is done....too funny!

They all did great! The boys survived being at church for the entire weekend and then a huge big old treat came on Sunday afternoon (more on that tomorrow...scratch that...I flipped my posts...oops!)..all without too much of hastle!

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Micah Holden said...

Oh, how I can relate to those weekends! I'm always happy when we get to the big day so we can move on to the next thing...Oh but the memories!
Happy Happy Christmas!