Friday, December 11, 2009

Well, Everybody's Doin' It....

Yep, you guessed ornament wreath! The beauty above was my inspiration from CB2. Have you ever been in there? It's amazing...I could spend my entire life in modern, clean..GLASS! (definitely not for a home full of boys, but a girl can dream right!?!) So this wonderfully amazing, colorful beyond reason wreath is made out of 80 some ornaments that are like $3 a do the math...yep, we can't afford that either ;) But, what I can afford are 2 boxes of plastic balls from IKEA for $4 a piece! I spent a whopping $10 including tax on this wreath. No it's not like the one above, but it's realistic for us....the boys can bounce it off the floor and I won't have to physically harm anyone!
Here's what you need:
~a coat hanger
~pliers to unwrap the coat hanger (it's also helpful to have one with the little wire cutter doohickey for the end)
~2 boxes of cheapo balls (There were 80 smallish ornaments all together)
~big ol wire ribbon

~one hugely helpful hint is to hot glue the tops of the ornaments on...these were so cheap that I probably could have gotten away without it...actually it was a pain in the butt because the glue smooshed up through the top of the hanger and my dad and I sat around for an hour picking glue out so that I could string them on!!!! (even then, I couldn't really shove them on the wire, so I used the fishing line hangers that came in the box...notice all the little strings and blobs of glue? Nice huh!)

Then just haphazardly shove ornaments around until it works and you're out of ornaments.
The directions said to twist the end of the coat hanger and secure with tape...yeah, it was hard to unwrap it, let alone rip your fingers off crazy hard to re-wrap the ends! I was muttering some extremely Christmasy words as my dad walked by and said "Why don't you just hook the ends together?" Uhhh....I don't know.....he's a genius I tell you!
Super sucky picture, but hopefully you'll get the just of it: bend wire into a loop on one end, pull the other end through the loop and bend it into a loop...forming kind of a hooky loop thingy (yeah, I homeschool..hehehe).
Originally I was going to make 2 wreaths, one silver, one red...but this takes a ton of ornaments. I had bought some incredibly cute candy striped ribbon at Joann's. There was too much going on with the striping and multi colored ornaments so I took it back for a huge glittery silver's not perfect, but it will do!


Lori said...

Love this! even better than the one in CB2.

shelly said...

Sure Lori...that's like saying "mmmm, these fat free no sugar brownies taste better then the real thing"..hehehehe! Seriously though, thanks for the compliment ;) anytime you want to go back into Chicager let me know (I found Home Goods last week when we were toolin around the burbs!)

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer Juniper said...

Hey! I'm doing a tutorial for mine on Tuesday! Great minds think alike :) You can link this up on (the inventor) for his contest right now! I had to erase this comment before, i was signed in under my sisters name)