Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow Day Recap

Some of you may have heard that it snowed in the upper midwest the other day...yeah, I'm shocked too!

The boys have been waiting with baited breath...they woke up Tuesday morning before the sun was's going to Snow Today!! (SnOw, SnOw, SnOw. snnnoooow) School was impossible, the more it piled up outside, the less I was getting out of I gave in, told them to throw on their snow pants and get outside before I went nuts!

Jamie and Riley have decided that they Love to scrape off the vehicles...we'll see how long that lasts! (when asked if he'd like to help, the nice warm truck...said "" smart kid!)
These pictures were taken before the crazy big snow, but enough to get in some good winter fun!
(snow angels, not passed out from excitement)
We have a ton of little snow men outside now...all have been sufficiently marked by the dogs...why do they DO that!?!
Corey drew his perfect snow land picture. Isn't it wonderful...oh wait...let's look closer:Daddy and Riley, smiling as they ride in a sled down the slide (yeah right)
a snow man, Jamie making a snow angel....wait....that's Corey with a frown and a snowball in his face! Who could have been so mean to do that?!?...
Mom....throwing said snowball! (ok...I've never hit anyone in the face with a snowball...can you see the look on my face...ahahaha, I'll get you my pretty...what the heck Corey!)

(and the dog is not dead, he's rolling in the snow...and has some super humungo claws!)

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