Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Demo For the New Year

Now that Christmas crafting is done, it's time to jump back on the remodel wagon.

Jamie's room finally got painted and new carpet installed a couple of weeks was super cloudy so this picture is's called battleship gray. We found these vinyl stickers at Target for one of his presents.
Now I just need to paint his bed (and take off the Star Wars stickers), his side table and dresser...then he'll be done forEVER!

The bathroom is what got my attention the other day....I've already started demolition on these disgusting panel walls. I was originally just going to do a drywall fake out like in J's room, but this morning while I was taking out the plastic joint thingies I realized that the goofballs had hung new drywall AND then nailed the plastic yuck on top. Sooooo...once Jim gets home with the straight bar (I don't know the technical term for know, the crowbar that's just straight)...I'm very carefully taking down our molding and then ripping out the panels.I need to find a new vanity and that tiny mirror needs to go...and those lights (shudder)....the only good thing about this room is that it's HUGE...90 square feet worth of flooring to replace!!!! Not sure what we will do for that flooring...the house is older then dirt so ceramic is out of the question on this old bowing floor...maybe vinyl or....laminate. Has anyone had experience with laminate in the bathroom? I kind of like the idea of keeping everything that's not carpeted "wood".

The shower HAS TO GO!!! I think at one point this was some sort of scene with bamboo? So gross! The only thing in here that I like is this shower curtain! (ikea special) The hooks were from Walmart on clearance for $2......ehh..they work.

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