Saturday, December 26, 2009


Here's a quick recap of Christmas (I totally forgot to snap some pictures Christmas morning..or at Jim's parents'...but I finally had the brains to pull out the phone at my parents' house)

Jamie got this awesome hat from my sister with the Navy Seal logo...I'm not sure he's taken it off since that night!Corey got a Sonic the Hedgehog's fleece and super cute! (he also got a ton of Buzz Lightyear stuff..notice the arm things...and wings that have been knocking over everything in his path!)
Bumblebee was Riley's big hit this year...lots of transformers and this costume..again, I don't think it's come off since Christmas!
Here's just a glimpse of the madness..and this was only one house!!!
Looks like a Christmas tornado hit my mom's basement!!!!!
Crystal actually pays attention to me when I talk about blog land!!!!

Love how this cookbook ends! Perfect!

Hope that you're well rested and recovered from all the festivities!

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