Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting My Behind OFF The Couch.....

....and onto the mat!!!!

Boy, today was a tough one....not only physically challenging....Oh, the mind games going on inside of my head today!!!!  Just watch some football with your man, snuggle in and worked hard last's just one day....

I am happy to say that my head lost and my bootie won ;)

Day 10!!!!!!  

Half way there!!!!

Broken record it out!!!!  You can do it!!!   Don't worry about not starting on the very first day--go to fit test, week 1 day 1---see the transformation!!!

Day 10 (week 2, day 5) Stats---600 rep challenge---no intervals, just go until you're done or dead!

100 high knees (mod w/o jumping rope)

100 lunge kicks (oh yeah baby, 50 on each side!)

100 high knees

100 squats

100 high knees

100 abs (25 straight abs, 25 V abs R & L, 25 bicycle abs)

Time: 22min 30 sec (actually probably less, but I had to run to the kitchen and ask Jim how to work his dumb old stop watch ;))

My abs legs are useless shaky jello limbs...but...I Have Made It through 10 of these!!!!