Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 8 At 8a.m....Ain't it Great....

Oh yeah, whooo....gasp....huff....

Day 8 was strength and cardio (seriously....which day isn't?!?)

Clean and Press, Squat and Press...2 rounds of push arms are screamin'!!!!...don't forget the squat jumps and legs are screamin' too!!!

Here we go--same old, same may look hard, but I'm doing it so Anyone can do it.  She gives modifications at the end of the day's video--Any Level can do this!!!  Even if it's just one push up in 50 seconds--It's more than if you were just sitting there with your feet up watching the telly (ha.see...she wares off on you!)   If you go and look for today's video, its week 2 day 3 :)

Day 8 Stats---5o sec intervals, 2 reps through

Clean & Press   (20, 17)

Squat leaps (25, 24) * I actually did the jumps today for the first round--felt great..until the 2nd round...then just straight squats

3 Tier Push Up (14, 13) * these were killa...stop for a sec at bottom, middle, & top of push up...ugh!

Reverse Pull Up--modified w/ close push up (10, 10) *ok..forget the last one, These Were Killa!  Hands closer together, directly below shoulders---Ahhhhhh!

Squat & Press (20, 19)

Switch Lunges--mod step front lunges (19, 18)

I  probably should mention that we don't have a snazzy pink sandbag--used a gallon water bottle for Presses.

Two more days left for this week :)  Are you sick of this yet?'s going to keep on going, my accountability deal here...and if I want, I can look back and be all laughing over when I could only do 10 push ups ;)

Have a Great Day--it's going to be a tough one here, can't reveal much...just pray please---Thanks So Much!  Love You Guys!!!!!!!

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