Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 3...Oh MY LORD!!!!!

Whoo...Gasp....holy smokes!!!!!!!!!

.....sorry, too weak to type!!!

Just got done with day 3...and as Ms. Lisa-Marie says--It was Killaaaaa!

Today's Stats:          

(sorry that #'s are all wavy...I swear, they're not in the publisher and I'm just too dang tired to try and fix it!!!!)

Superman Push ups                                                                           11

Push up with Bilat. knees to elbows                                                  11

Squat & Press (w/ gallon water bottle)                                              23

Squat, jump forward, 3x squat (mod most of the jumping)                6

Dip Station--mod w/ push ups                                                            23

Side jump, oblique knee raise, jump, switch sides                            7

Close press up, jump, sumo knee raises                                            5

Dip on couch w/ leg lifts                                                                       12

Overhead Abs w/ press (gal water bottle)                                         13

Shoulder wt, squat, switch shoulders, squat wt to floor                    11

Speed Run                                                                                           135 steps

whew...yeah...I'm hitting the shower....see ya tomorrow!!!!!!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I can never keep count while working out. I think it's either a flaw in my ability to multitask or my math skills!