Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lucky Day 13

Day 13!  My grandma would've skipped this one...but since their site was down yesterday and they said to repeat Day 8, it should be all ;)

Surprisingly enough, I blew a couple of last week's #s out of the water!  Squat Jumps and my 2 sets of Push Ups were amazing!  Everything else was about even...but I concentrate more on my form with the Presses..I don't want to mess up my knees more than they are..or throw out my back..wouldn't That be Lovely?!?

Not much else going on's injection day so I'll have no exercises until Saturday..maybe.  

Let's see what else...

Oh big major trauma drama for me on root canal tooth decided to Break!!!  I almost Pass Out freak!   It's all good now.   The dentist put some putty stuff in it to fill it up and make it Not sharp...should be fine until my dental insurance Finally accepts their bid for the crown.  That's about it for me this week.  My eating has been garbage, well not "garbage"  or even junk food...but a girl can only live on apple sauce and scrambled eggs for so long before she goes a little nutty!

Alright, enough chit's the meat and potatoes.....

Day 13  (2 rounds, 50 second interval)

                                                             Today's                               Day 8

Clean and Press                                 15, 19                                25, 17

Squat Jumps                                       30, 27                                25, 24

3 Tier Push Up                                    18, 16                                14, 13

Reverse Pull Up (push up)                 17, 13                                10, 10

Squat and Press                                 19, 17                                20, 19

Switch Lunges                                     19, 20                                19, 18
Well, I'm off to choke down some scrambled eggs ;)  Have a Fantastic Day!!!!!  (it's colder here than a penguin's tail feathers, but the sun is out sort of..)


shelly said... I completely don't understand WHY these stupid numbers won't line up...tried reformating them...I'm get the drift ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh no! Your poor mouth!