Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oooops! It's Day 18...

...somehow I got my numbers all discombobulated and marked down 2 15''s all fixed now..I think!

Today's scores were kind of stinky.  I've been feeling like I'm going to be getting something..something..the last 2 workouts have been dragging.   This evening, I got The Worst stomach ache (praying that's it..Hubby planned himself a big birthday date tomorrow..goodness, he's old!).

Day 18 Stats:

Push Up + Front Raise                                                                                   7,8
(used  my gal water bottle in place of their sandbag)

Bag Drag                                                                                                       10,6

Comando Push Up + Roll + 10x Mountain Climbers                                  2,3

Shoulder Lift + Squat + Leg Lift                                                                    9,9

Round the World Squat                                                                               12,14

Squat & Press + Jump                                                                                14,19

As always...Workout from  

Today was my last set of injections...what in the world will I do Not driving into the Big City every stinkin week?!?   Tomorrow is my rest day---Praying that these shots will keep doing what they're supposed to do!!!!!

Have a great Friday :) 

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