Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 20!!!

Excuse my annoying Europe song..but....It's the Final Countdown..nanana..nananana...


Last Day!  No measurements.  Sorry.  It was Jim's b-day this weekend and I blew my eating out of the water!!!!!  (I'll post a recipe tomorrow...but for the Love of God...and your not..Do Not make this heavenly concoction!)

So far, I've lost 11lbs :)  There's a new challenge being posted tonight at  I probably won't be posting all my numbers....maybe once a week I'll update or something.

Day 20--Fit Test #3      (#1, #2)

Squat Jumps                               28   (2, 29)
Push Ups                                     24   (25, 22)
Burpees                                       11   (10, 12)
High Knees                                135  (92, 160)
Switch Lunges                             21   (20, 18)
Tuck Jumps                                 17   (3, 12)
Straight Abs                                 25   (24, 23)



gottaluvboyz said...

You rock! That is all. LOL

Krystal said...

Im pretty stinkin impressed! AND I LOVE the quote at the bottom! Rock it out SUPA-STAR style!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

That Body Rock girl is so ripped, isn't she? I found your comment too late and didn't even know about the challenge. I will have to check it out!