Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 7...It Sure Ain't Heaven!!!!

Day 7 Booya!   (sorry, all this working out brings out my inner bad girl I guess ;))

So, I'm totally too lazy to link the video..arms not quite working right yet....whoo..yeah, this one was killa on the old arms, burpees, tricep dips, pike push ups (seriously, who thinks of these?!?)  KILLA! all know it by now and I sound like a broken record, but when I'm all ripped and everyone wants to know how it happened, ya'll can go there and sweat it up ;)

Day 7, sweating like a maniac right now....for real..I shouldn't even be sitting on this couch...d.r.i.p.p.i.n'!!!   My tooth really hurt last night after Day 6, today just a smidge...hopefully it will stay that way because I still have an hour of cardio to get in before the "big snow storm" hits.   So funny, we haven't had like more than 2 inches all year and now that they're calling for 4 everyone's all "whooooo, snooow...what are we gonna do?!?"  Serious panic going on in facebook land...cracks me up...if it's single digits for accumulation, I'm not going to panic (especially because the closer we get to spring, the stronger the sun will be and the faster it all will melt!)   Ok, enough whining..more sweating!

Day 7 Stats (50 second interval, 2 rounds)

Box Jump + 1/2 Burpee (9, 9) *jump in a "square" and at the bottom of each side do a 1/2 burpee

Lunges (22,23)

3 Point Plank Jump + R&L Knee to elbow (7,7)

Side Leap-aka by the boys--Spidermans (40, 48)  *now, I didn't get down low like she did because of my knees, but I kept up the pace and was getting air under the ol' feet!)

Tricep Dip + Knee Tuck (9, 12) *mod using the couch

Walking Pike Plank + Push Up (9, 9) *these were awesome and terrible all wrapped up in one, basically it's a push up in downward dog postition....Wowzza!!!!  Hello Loverly Shoulders!

Well, it's Wednesday of the second week of this challenge!  So far I've kept it clean eating all primal, getting a little tired of scrambled eggs because of my mouth hurting-----But, when I'm weak He is Strong!  I can do all things in Christ Jesus!!!  We are Victorious---Nothing in this world has a hold on me, especially not my own flesh and bones!!!!!

I didn't snap a real pic in, here's a pre-workout shot...yep, I'm rocking my hub's fire shirt!  This may not sound too exciting, but I haven't been able to do that in Years!  In fact, in all of our years of dating, I have Never been smaller than him (he was a one of those crazy muscly, athletic kids that weighed 137 the day we got married ;)).....Oh yeah, Mr. better watch out cause I'm running full steam ahead, lol!


Michelle said...

So proud of you!

alamama said...

first, you look great! you can tell you've lost weight. second, i have been so bad at even looking at blogs lately. thanks for being faithful at commenting on mine! it means alot! i have been starting to workout again too.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Love how you rock your hubby's shirt!
You should see the kids PRAYING for a snow day here, too!