Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 4..and I'm About To Hit The Floor!!!

Rested yesterday, today my knees feel SO stiff!!!

Oh well, Day, was it hard to actually start this one...watched the kiddos do it yesterday and it was Beast!

Thankfully, Jamie was an amazing time keeper today :)   So encouraging...especially when I thought I couldn't do one more push up, or plank jump---Come on Mom, just Believe that You can and you will!  (where does he get that stuff!  Such a good kid!)

Day 4 was 4 exercises with 3 Reps...50 second intervals (and a wheeee bit longer than 10 sec break in between)

Today's Stats:

                                                        Rnd 1                         Rnd 2                     Rnd 3

Burpee + Push up                             8                                7                             6

Push Ups                                          20                              20                          20

Triple Plank Jumps                          15                              15                          13

High Knee  Dips                               18                              20                          18
(mod to high boat/low boat sit ups)

Almost done with week 1!  Tomorrow we hit Day 5  (400 rep challenge....ugh)

But, we can do it...and so can you---if you try this, let me know!!!!!

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