Tuesday, January 3, 2012


January is going to be a killer month here...KILLER!!!!!

First up (please ignore the bootie shot, why oh why does there always have to be a bootie shot?!?..but if mine looked like that, I'd probably be flinging it everywhere ;))

BodyRock has some great workouts...quick...not much equipment (and usually has a version to do without whatever)

So, they're starting a 30 day challenge...30 days, kick your behind workouts...muscles here I come ;)

I'm going to post my progress here, so either ignore it....or.....get inspired!  There's a quote that's floating around pinterest that says even a 14 min mile laps those still on the couch!!  I promise that you'll Never regret doing something to improve your health---baby steps or hard core--your body will thank you, your mood will improve (and goodness as we enter the January blahs, we all need that) and you will just transform!!!

So..here's my stats from today's fitness test (pre-ish challenge to see where your baseline is)

*also, some of these I am going to have to modify to Not shoot me knees all to heck...really...anybody can do this (yes, there's heavy breathing involved and copious amounts of sweat..but it's a good thing!!!!)

50 sec intervals, doing as many as possible, with a 10 sec rest in between

Squat Jumps                     2
Push Ups                         25
Burpees                           10
High Knees                      92
Switch Lunges                 20
Tuck Jumps                       3
Straight Abs                    24

Some are better than I thought, but most were pretty much exactly where I thought I'd land...funny thing is that both Jamie and Jim are doing this with me...and my numbers weren't that far off from theirs!!!!!  (go mama go!)

I'm also doing 30 days of primal blueprint with my friends Krystal and Cory (Jim is joining us, but he doesn't know it just yet heeheehee!)

Another challenging thing this month is my very first root canal...yep, super excited...gah!  I have only had 1 cavity...not looking forward to this one.  Any suggestions or words of encouragement...I will survive right?!?

And, I am also going for a series of 5 shots in my knees to help me push through all of this weight loss stuff.  Pretty ironic that the things that help to loose weight, makes your knees hurt, but loosing weight will eventually help your knees!    These shots are not my favorite.   My specialist is nice and his nurse is very friendly, so that's a bonus, but I could seriously do without the 3 inch needles ;)

Alright, there's my challenge put out for all the world to see.

I hope that this inspires someone...there's no excuses....if I can do it, anyone can!  

Stop settling for just ok!  Go for Exceptional!!!!


Michelle said...

Root canals are not to be feared. BORING as all heck. I almost fall asleep each time I have one, as they do take time. They don't hurt,just BORING!!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love your enthusiasm! And I really love the idea that ANY effort laps people on the couch--what an image to get me to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING!

Krystal said...

Okay! We did it!! Corys are listed first mine are second... we are in this with you and Jim!
PS: My knee hurts now... lol

Squat Jumps: 35, 34
Burpees: 12, 12
Push Ups: 22, 30
High Knees: 90, 116
Jump Lunges: 32, 40
Tuck jumps: 32, 40
Straight Abs: 26, 30

shelly said...

thank you ladies! and for everyone in bloggie land to see--thanks Krystal <3 you and Cory's support means so much!!!!!

gottaluvboyz said...

WTG...keep up the awesome work!!!!