Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 2...

Kicked MY Butt!!!!  seriously, mainly lunges, squats, jumps, crazy push up/plank moves!

But, I made it..even after my little stinker time keeper let me go for longer than the 50 sec intervals a couple of times (heeeheehee..snicker snicker's knees sound like legos in lego I'm dying and sweating my butt off ;))

Again, if you can get past the girl in pretty much underware, these are really good workouts.

(I wonder if I tried it in my skivies if I would get better kidding..hahaha..that would be SO Scary!)

Here's my stats for today:

10xhigh knees & 10x mt. climbers                                                            3 reps

2xsquat jumps, 2 push ups, 1 tuck jump 
(I modified it and just did squats for the jumps)                                        5 reps

Center to Elbow (L & R), 2 legs jumps                                                     12 reps

Push up, jump squat, jump (mod with plain squats)                                  5 reps

5xtuck jump (mod high knees), 1/2 burpee w/ 5 sec hold                         4 reps

spider push up & straight leg push up (L & R)                                            5 reps both sides

10xsquats, 10x squat jumps (mod all squats)                                            50 squats

Elbow to knee jumps, 10 each side                                                              3 reps

wide leg jumps with a push up                                                                       6

speed run in place 50 seconds                                                         made it and DIED!

All that in 50 second intervals..supposed to take 12 min (use a 10 sec rest in between sets)..but ended up taking about 20..needed a smidge more than 10 sec to be able to move..regardless, my legs felt like cement for that last 50!!!!!  

But, Day 2 is finished!!!!!

Have a super fantastic Wednesday :)   I'm off to the gym for another round of cardio before I have to take it easy tomorrow after my injection.


Betty said...

You can do it!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Just that speed run would have me gasping for breath.