Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 17---Amazing!!!!!

Day 16!

I feel like I might be getting a cold, but I'm going to keep on pushing through!!!!!!!!   

Yesterday, I did an extra round of Ab work at the gym after my hour of cardio.  Threw in a 10 lb medicine ball just for kicks and I was Feelin' it Today!

This is definitely a banner moment for me---I did 5 Reverse Pull Ups, using a broom and 2 chairs!!!  Seriously--5 Reverse Pull Ups!!!!!  Took me all 50 seconds to do them (6 actually, with my test run to make sure for real that the chairs wouldn't come crashing down on me, lol)...but I still tried!   2nd and 3rd round I modified to a row using my "water bottle" weight. 

Without further adieu.....

Day 16 Stats:    50 seconds, 3 rounds

Push Up + Clean & Press + Squat & Press                                     4, 5, 5

Plyometric Jump + Press Up                                                              4, 6, 5

Plank- floor & knee touches                                                                5, 6, 7

Reverse Pull Up                                                                                   5!!!!, 25, 38
(last 2 rounds mod to row)

Doing my little happy dance right now :)  shufflin across my living room...feeling a little bit British...getting my "Lisa-Marie" on  (not that she'd ever be reading my blog, but AMAZING-- pinch me, because I must be dreamin' results!!!!)

See y'all's injection day, so I'll be finishing up Sat. and Sun.  WhooHoo---3 more days and I'll have finished 30 day Challenge--Unbelievable!!!!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I must google "reverse pull up" now...