Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 9...Lordy!!!

Just got done with Day 9 of the 30 day `challenge.  whoo...shoot...these are the world's longest "12" minutes ever!!!  It took me 15, but I made it and i didn't die! 4, Week 2

Oh the past 2 weeks, I think I have sweat buckets more than I have ever in my entire LIFE!!!   It's good.  I feel myself getting stronger in these routines...haven't noticed much on the scale and it's a smidge disheartening.   (who am I fooling, it sucks!!!!!)  I've been eating "primal" all dairy, no grains, no starch, no sugar (except what's in fruit and veggies)....all that and all I am is smack dab right where I was before Christmas.  I think that my body Likes this number or something....

I have to admit that last night, I total caved and ate a brownie with the kids.   I was hurting (these injections can start working in my knee anytime now..seriously!!!!) and mad about the scale and other things in my life.  It seems that I have the hardest time keeping strong when things I have no control of don't go my way.  To some extent, I can't control the #'s on the scale....sure, I can control what I eat, how much I exercise...but obviously, that doesn't always show evidence right away.  Annoying.  That's it, pure and simple...when I'm annoyed with the world, I want comfort.  And when I'm not finding that comfort, nothing soothes temporarily like a warm brownie...but then it turns into a chocolaty pit of loathing and dispair.

So there ya go, I'm Not Perfect.  I mess up, I beat myself up, and I do unhealthy things even when I know better.  Constant battle with the flesh....

Ok, that's about all of that I can take before I go dig brownie crumbs out of the pan ;)

Day 9 Stats:

Push Up + Burpee + Pylometric Jump (mod squat jump)  (9, 6, 7)

Star Toe Touch Abs (23, 27, 24)

Sit Squat Jump w/ Wt. (mod to squat jump..then just squats)  (26, 24, 24)

Ball Toe Touchx10 + Mountain Climbersx10 (5, 5, 4)

Tomorrow's the 600 rep challenge...looking forward to it, but not.  Have a great Saturday!!! I'm off to go grocery shopping...and for sure, you won't find any brownie mix in my matter how bad I want it!!!!!!

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Michelle said...

Ok Miss Shelly. You MUST know that muscle weighs more than fat. When people exercise and build muscle, the scale does NOT move for awhile. Keep up the good work, and one day, the scale WILL move. Cheering you from, Michelle