Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pushing Forward

Today was the big day---root canal Day!!!!  (I sound enthused, right?!?)

So, even though my face is kind of throbbing tonight, I still managed to get in Day 6 of the challenge.

 (by the way, the procedure was a piece of cake...I still feel soooo much better than when my tooth was at it's worst a few weeks ago)

I'm not posting the video here..even I have my limits of bootie-ness ;)   Regardless of all the skin, these are great workouts, so head to BodyRock.tv and get your challenge on!!!!

Today's Stats were ehhh, pain kind of slowed me down....If I can do it in my physical state and  just after a root canal, there are No Excuses!!!!!

Drummmmmm Rollllllll

Stats for Day 6   (3 rounds, 50 second interval)

Press up+Burpee+Tuck Jump (no jump)x2,  10 straight punches (2.5, 3, 2.5)

Press up+Burpee+Tuck Jump (no jump)x2, 10 hook punches (2.5, 3, 2)

Press up+Burpee+TuckJump (no jump)x2, 10 straight &hook punches (2.5, 3, 2)

Mid Ab/High Ab Sit Ups (20, 19, 23)

So, there it is...stayed strong, pushed through...another day down :)

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oooh....root canal? That's a bummer. But you're right, the result is better than living with that nerve pain in a tooth!