Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 16---It wasn't Pretty...

I don't know what the deal was today, but I was beat from the very beginning of this workout!!!!

A lot of legs, last set of plank jumps did me in...landed wrong and zingered my knee...grrrrr!  (not bad now thank God..hopefully it will stay that way!)

Same old, same old.  Bodyrock.tv--30 Day Challenge--Start at week 1 day 1 fit test.

Only 4 more workouts after this :)

Day 15 Stats:   50 second intervals, 3 rounds

1 Leg Push Ups & Jump Over                                              8, 10, 12
(mod after 1st round to just 1 leg push ups)

Side Straddle Run & Burpee                                               4.5, 8, 7.5
(mod. to 10 high knees & burpee)

Squats & Woodchop                                                             16, 21, 21

Plank Jumps                                                                           15, 18, 13     
(mod. to on elbows instead of straight arms)

I have Finally broke through my little stall pattern....it's like I have to convince my body that it doesn't waaaant to be fluffy...really, you'd be happier and healthier...it's good for you..suck it up and let it go already!!!!

I'll do my measurements and weight loss on Day 20---can't wait!  Can you? ;)

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