Sunday, January 1, 2012

10 and 1

Someone had a birthday yesterday and me being the slacker mom that I am...didn't have time to post a little birthday post ;) is a 10 and 1 day post
Let's see...10...

Corey, you love all things video games, super heroes, drawing...and most of the time you're creating all three together! I love your heart, your stubborn side, your silly side! At 10, you have amazing penmanship (so much better than your mom's), read like a maniac, and you amaze me with your drawing (so crazy watching you, nothing makes sense until awesomeness!).  Someday, I see you designing video games or cartoons..or maybe a weather man or storm chaser (tormadoes are a favorite subject...and earthquakes...and volcanoes...)....or maybe you'll do sound effects for movies..who knows!!!! The world is bright and shining and it's yours for the taking!!!!!

I am so proud of you! You have beat the odds and ran circles around what the "professionals" said you would accomplish! Keep it up--make a difference! You can do anything and everything you can dream up! Don't let anyone tell you different :)

Love You Big Guy!!!

Happy Birthday Corey!

Your big day was filled with all things Mario...just like every other day!
Part of the reason why I was unable to type a post....finishing up these little plush crochet toys...been up until 2 am pretty much every night this week trying to finish them on the sly!
I caught this little moment during all the love love it!!!!!
....and then they realized that they'd been caught...oh the silliness with those two!!!
No my kids haven't joined some weird's mario, followed by a couple of boings.
The rest of the day was a nonstop wii showdown..yes, Jamie was there..not sure how he managed to not get into a single birthday picture (dang 11...I guess the elusive teenager stuff starts already ;))
Wii Wipeout is now my new favorite game...we laughed and laughed...too funny.

Of course, after church we had a little New Years Eve celebration...including more Super Mario Bros and Wipeout...plenty of wings and poppers...and....rootbeer in glass bottles (wow, the things that make little boys' nights)
Here he is!!! 20....
Oh Yeah Baby!
Bring it! We're ready!!! (poor Jim...his allergies were CrAzY last night...nothing, we need to move pronto to a state where he actually feels good!!!!)
I'll post more later on some of what we've been up to and that super awesome really not Thaaat hard bday cake, and whatever else comes to mind now that the Christmas/Birthday rush is over!

Hope that you all had a fantastic first day of the new year--such hope and excitement, right?!? (yeah, well..I tried to make it sound exciting in my head...but all that I really want is a nap ;))


Michelle said...

Nap? That's about all I did!

Thanks for the great picture. Looks like birthday boy had a blast!!!

Jules said...

Yes, you need a nap! Great birthday party you pulled off!