Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 11.....

Day 11 is fitness test # 2..to check scores with Day 1

Looking back on my scores, not much has really changed.  As far as numbers, high knees I almost doubled.   But..;the biggest improvement has been time...I'm much closer to the 10 second rest between sets!!!  So, that keeps the ol' heart pumping and legs are constant jello.   

Whooo, here we go...today's stats.....1 Round, 50 second intervals

                                                          Day 1                                      Day 11

Squat Jumps                                       2                                               29

Push Ups                                           25                                               22

Burpees                                             10                                               12

High Knees                                          92                                            160

Switch Lunges  (straight)                      20                                              18

Tuck Jumps                                          3                                               12

Straight Abs                                        24                                              24

There we have it....week 3!!!!!!  whoot whoot!   


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Look at how different your leg work is!

alamama said...

good for yoU!