Friday, January 6, 2012

Hitting the Pause Button Today

Yesterday's doc appt. has left me feeling pretty sore today (had nothing to do with day 3's challenge right?!?)   They had a bit of a struggle drawing off some fluid and today I feel like someone hit the side of my leg with a sledge hammer!!!!!

I am having such a battle--do I power through or take it easy---

On one hand, I have this great momentum going and I really don't want to stop it.

On the other, I am spending $250 for these shots that in 5 weeks will hopefully make me feel good as stop being so stubborn Shelly and listen to what your body is saying!

Ugh!  Yes, I am officially admitting that I am stubborn, pig headed, don't tell me what I can't do, no one got anywhere without pushing themselves......but I also admit that this attitude, although good, can land me straight back at square one!

Diet is 80% of your success.

So, I'm keeping my eating tight I have all week...and maybe, just maybe, I'll go take an easy elliptical stroll later...and maybe add in some abs with the medicine ball...

I think that I've mentioned that Jim and Jamie are doing this challenge with me.  I'm not sure, but I think we've lost daddy...Jamie though, is going strong!

On an interesting note, I've seen a change in Jamie's attitude since starting this...even when he had a total breakdown yesterday (amazing how when I was struggling with the same routine, he started cracking up...oh yeah, super funny son!).   I think it's because it's something we alone are sharing..maybe it makes him feel grown up, or special, or whatever he needed.   He's really getting into this and I can see connections being built through this bonding while completely killin' it on the mat :)    As we tromp closer to the dreaded teen years, I'm thinking that we'll have to keep up these challenges as a family.

Jamie and Riley competed with the Day 4 challenge today...boy, I'm going to have some stiff competition tomorrow when I hit it....ugh, they're not going to let me hear the end of it if I don't keep up with their pace!

Well, it's Friday---Have a great weekend, be good to yourself, and remember that sometimes it's ok to need to pause for a moment...just don't hit the stop button!  You Can Do It!!!

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